Who We Are

Timeline 2 largeMSSP’s team is uniquely qualified to meet your school and district needs based on extensive training, certification and experience:

  • Over 60 years combined experience in serving K-12 public education
  • Instructional, organizational and operational expertise  – planning – implementing – supporting
  • Start-up, technology, fiscal planning, leadership development
  • Formal education in counseling, instructional practices and leadership, school administration, technology and media
  • Facilitated development of 15 school start-ups, 14 school turnarounds
  • Strategic planning, proposal & budget development, project management

Linda MacDonald and Ron MacDonald are career educators bringing diverse skills and work history to support efforts to meet the education needs facing today’s students in the world of K-20 education.  We have started schools and supported the efforts of many others – operational planning, instructional models, organizational capacity building, technology based solutions, planning, measuring, monitoring, revising, facilitating, leading, solution finding are the things that identify our work.

Inquiry based facilitation, earned credibility, flexible and informed planning, tenacious persistence and building the organization and/or school’s capacity to continuously focus on outcomes for students by working on the ground, in the classroom, in the board room, on the telephone, through collaboration tools, over cups of coffee – we want to see results in the eyes of students.

Linda’s     Skillset & Vita

Ron’s        Skillset & Vita

place on spectrum
Image adapted from Everett Rogers Innovation Adoption Curve

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