Our Solutions

MSSP Solutions is committed to supporting schools and districts in achieving sustainable results – the work we do:

  •    Facilitate planning to support quality teaching and learning
  •    Assist school and organization leaders in evidence based decision making
  •    Support leaders in mapping and managing the change process

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Strategic School Develpment + Catalytic Agents
+ Development Models
+ Strategic Planning
For the past fifteen years we have worked with district teams, school teams and school support agents in addressing the multiple challenges facing schools, school systems and the expectations for our education system at large as the world rapidly changes around us.  We have been called on to adapt to multiple roles as teachers, counselors, administrators, designers, technology solution developers and innovation drivers. ->Engage your team in mapping a coherent development plan.
Support Systems Planning + Guided planning
+ Collaborative planning support tools and resources
+ Reference resources & tools,
+ Measuring & monitoring
+ Document development
->Guide your team in a deep dive into linking the details, cross dependencies and complications that make a viable plan, along with clarifying measures and monitoring processes to inform progress.
Capacity Building, Coaching, Leadership Development + Guiding, coaching, facilitating at all levels – organizational leadership, school leadership, innovative instruction ->Adaptable coaching and support resources model the expectations you set – real time, onsite, off-site, remote.
Finding, Building, Planning for Coherence + Facilitated conversations,
+ Synthesizing input from multiple voices,
+ Collaboration tools, resources & working protocols to drive details
->We are planners, innovators, problem solvers, question raisers.  We focus our work in clarifying outcomes for students by supporting the efforts of dedicated educators.


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