Context Sensitive School Design

Applying Context Sensitive Variables in Schools and School System Design

A core element in using Context Sensitive Variables in design of schools and school systems is the intentional establishment of an instructional environment that is defined by the “context” variables that are key to achieving your intent.

Context sensitive design involves identifying and recognizing those variables and the impacts of changing those variables with the intent of creating an environment where those variables are key features.

Reality contains multiple variables, some controllable, others not in our control.


Context, Tools, Will

Do we have the will to become expert enough in utilizing our tools to achieve our intentions within the weather of context?

Can we utilize our tools and talents skillfully enough to manage achieving our intent by strengthening the contextual variables?


What are context variables?a map

First they are variables – so they change with the context, and have properties  associated with and prescribed by the properties of the context.  This means context and variables are co-dependent and highly interactive – the context defines the variables and the variables define the context.

They are the things that change – they are the weather in which we work – some intentional, some situational.


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